Designer MK Patrick draws inspiration from the organic beatuy that surrounds him in his lifelong home in Southern New Jersey. The designer is a second-generation jeweler with vast training across the mediums in fine jewelry design. Born and raised in the coastal area, MK Patrick has credited his hometown as his greatest source for his sense of intuitive design as well as his greatest source of joy. "When you're happy, you're at peace. When you've found joy in the simplicity of life, you find purpose. You find direction. It's natural. My designs are reflective of carefully curated moments, represented and proudly made to capture a feeling. These anecdotes of joyful moments are wearable moments of joy. Thoughtfulness has gone into every design to ensure the wearer owns something that is not only exuberant, but, also, something that was considerately made with them in mind." We are proud to offer MK Patrick's signature collection in Fine Pure Silver at Jewelry Studio.