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Do you know a healthcare worker who has been working on the frontline during uncertain and tough times surrounding the global COVID-19 crisis?

The heart of the changing world we're all living in is the strength of the healthcare heroes, working on the front lines daily to care for those who need medical help during this pandemic. Tireless and true, they answer the call to duty daily, putting others before themselves, even when times are at their toughest.
They are the definition of what it means to be a
Hometown Hero. 

We want to know who your Hometown Hero is and send them a token of our gratitude for all of their dedication, hard work, and selfless sacrifice.

Please fill out the form below completely, and while supplies last, we will send a Healthcare Hero Heart gemstone and sterling silver stretch bracelet from our Hometown Heroes Collection to your hometown hero, absolutely free. Nominate someone in healthcare who is on the front line during this time of unprecedented uncertainty. That's it. We want to send a little love their way to let them know that what they're doing for their neighbors, friends, and communities is both endlessly respected and appreciated. It's our way of saying,
"We see you. We appreciate you. We are thinking about you. We thank you."
We hope to spread love and a little spark of joy to our healthcare heroes working day and night to keep our communities and loved ones safe.

(One nomination allowed per person.)

Who you are

Your hometown hero

Where are we sending our token of appreciation to your hero

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