This Is The No.1 Necklace Every Woman Should Have

This Is The No.1 Necklace Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe:


Golden girls, listen up! Now is your time. I've scoured the most talked about runway shows and every icon's collection launches for fall/winter '18/'19. I cannot stress enough how tightly the world is embracing yellow gold again. And nothing makes me happier than a little warmth to an ensemble the way yellow gold gives. But we're talking major waves of golden glow. I've seen the resurgence of this metal tone in the horizon for some time now, and the fashion world has spoken: They love it. We love it. And even if you haven't added it as your go-to, no fear. There's still time for you to snatch up the perfect outfit-maker. Big yellow gold statement necklaces are the secret to tying your whole look together for a refined, polished look. There is a reason the "Gold Standard" is a thing, afterall. It's often an investment, but it's an investment that pays off in the million and ten ways you'll wear these substantial-looking focal points to your entire look, demure or grandoise.

The Jewelry Sommelier's Picks:

Gumuchian: I love the versatility this necklace gives. With the Carousel Collection the continuous theme is the playful endless ways to wear the pieces. They have these hidden little locks spaced out throughout the chain that the design house boasts allows you to wear seven different ways, thoough after a couple glasses of wine shared between one of the Gumuchian ladies and myself, we discovered there's really ten unique ways to wear this chain. Each piece from their studio is made in the United States, in 18-karat gold, and can be customized by choosing either round or oval diamond-studded links.

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Gumuchian Carousel Round chain (Price available upon request)
Doron Paloma: Let's appreciate a little finite detail here: the fringe. This clavicle-hugging number is the balance of minimalistic and bold, statement and not over-the-top. The way the chain is put together allows the chain to move and flex with you, which means your diamonds get to dance with you like it's the roaring 20's all over again. Gatsby girl, get your gold on with a little fringe around the neck, while remaining totally subdued and neutral at the same time. It's the perfect throw on and go piece.
Doron Paloma Gatsby Bay Light Chain ($13,445)
Studio Fine: It's in the 24 Karat Magic collection for a reason! Look at the color of the gold-- like warm butter. Pure gold is no fluff, no filler, and you can feel the weight behind it. This chunky chain is made of open links to pack a weighty and substantial punch. We mixed sterling silver (blackened because who doesn't love that contrast) and 24 karat gold to give you a look that says refined but natural. We gave a nod to glamor, as this statement is elevated a tad with a sprinkling of diamonds in the silver links.
24K Necklace
Studio Fine 24 Karat Chunky Chain with Diamonds (Price available upon request)
Charles Krypell: Charles does this thing I love: he designs with a woman in mind. Charles has a background in sculpture and translates that talent seamlessly through the way he works gold to twist and curve to meet the mood he sets throughout his extensive collection. Each piece is crafted meticulouosly through hours of hand carving, and the result is these beautiful beads, all unique and easy to wear on the daily. Effortless elegance, through and through. A little splash of diamonds on a single bead, intentionally set off to be worn towards the side of the neck, and bam you have your new favorite necklace. 
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Charles Krypell 18 Karat Ivy Bead Necklace with Diamonds (Price available upon request)
Studio Fine: Low-key meets statement with layers, leaving us starry-eyed over this Studio Fine Collection necklace. Delicate wisps of golden chain leave diamond stars suspended around your neck. The impact of gold color is just enough to catch your eye without creating a cluttered layered look. By using chains, a negative space is created around the diamond stars that draws attention right to the right places. 
Studio Fine 14 Karat Twinkle Necklace Diamonds ($1,877)
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